Tools for Tutors and Learners

Job seekers can visit Job Zone

For local employment offices, visit the the Regional Workforce Investment Board website.

The NYSED CUNY CareerKits are “A Comprehensive Career Preparation Teaching Resource Reflecting New York State Regional Labor Market Statistics”.  With thousands of pages of material available for download, the CareerKits are like a watermelon: they are meant to be consumed one slice at a time. They’re part of the wealth of resources on the CollectED site.

The SUNY ATTAIN Lab is a free community resource for anyone interested in improving computer skills and chances for employment. All area residents who are seeking High School Equivalency (HSE) can use the ATTAIN lab courseware for TASC preparation and college entry. Those looking for computer and employment skills can take advantage of the Microsoft and Intuit Certification programs and engage in career exploration. English language learners can use the ATTAIN lab to access Rosetta Stone software for language learning. You can find all of this and more, free of charge, at your local EOC.

The We Speak NYC videos are available to view online free of charge, with no need to register or create an account. Each video has downloadable companion lessons. Learners can practice listening to different speakers and check their comprehension using the resources on the website. The link will bring you directly to the resources page for teachers. Use the links on the page to access teaching resources including printable study guides and short stories. Position your cursor over the Learn English tab to access a drop-down link to the videos and interactive quizzes.

Remote Instruction

AEPP Hybrid Education Screening Tool

For those who are new to ZOOM, tips are available at the following links:

LiteracyCNY Webinar

LiteracyCNY powerpoint

More Resources for Tutors and Learners:

Encyclopedia Brittanica Vocabulary Quizzes

Encyclopedia Brittanica

Upper Hudson Library System 

Refugee Roundtable

Unite For Literacy

Marshall Leveled Reading Program

News for You (password required – contact LVORC for more info)




American English

Dave’s ESL Café

Handouts Online

English Club

Many Things

Learn English Today 

Advanced English Grammar 

English Page 

Lots of English

English Homework Help Resource Guide

Khan Academy


Voice of America News – Learning English

ESL Instructional Support Kits

PBS Learning Media – The resources include videos and images for teaching history, created by Ken Burns. The level is a bit high (6-12), but may fit the needs of some learners. 


Reading maps, charts and graphs is a valuable life skill and a required skill for learners who are working toward high school equivalency. 7o Maps that Explain America combines map-reading with history, economics, sociology and geography and lends give some fascinating insights into how the United States were formed.


Puzzles are a fun way to learn. Here are three sites that will help you to construct your own:

For help with the writing process, Write Design Online offers a good overview of types of graphic organizers and how to use them.Wordsmyth is a dictionary with extensive information in a very clear format, including synonyms and related words.

Websequiturs is a fun way to test reading comprehension and the ability to anticipate content and context.

Listen and learn with these pronunciation and listening comprehension resources for English Language Learners:
Merriam-Webster Online

Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab

Sounds of English

 Pick Your Battles: Best Practices for Helping Students with Pronunciation

Find newspapers from every state and from other countries at OnlineNewspapers.

Have fun building vocabulary and fighting hunger at the same time at FreeRice.

The definitions on the Photographic Dictionary site are short and suitable for beginning English learners.

New York Times Learning Pages is a resource for intermediate-to-advanced students with an interest in current events.

A multitude of resources ranging from historical texts to field recordings can be found at the Library of Congress and the Smithsonian.


Other Resources


U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services provides extensive resources for refugees and immigrants interested in the citizenship process, including tools for preparing for the naturalization test.

The Office for New Americans assists with applications, legal advice and English language learning. Contact Sara Zaidspiner, Education Specialist, Office for New Americans Opportunity Center, 99 Pine Street, Albany, NY 12207 / 518 512-9816

Citizenshipworks provides support for the application process. A webinar on using the service is available here.

Health Care

The New York State of Health website has information about insurance coverage for individuals and families.


Find out more about an English Language Learner’s culture with the World Factbook.

Research and Professional Development

Literacy New York encourages and supports community-based literacy programs, providing workshops, technical assistance, curriculum development, program development, and leadership development.

NYACCE is the statewide organization for adult education in NYS.    NYACCE works to support all adult education programs in the state with advocacy, training, and information. The goal for NYACCE is “One Voice”, where literacy and adult education providers work together for the good of adult learners in New York. 

COABE is a national association for adult education providers. “The Coalition on Adult Basic Education exists to provide leadership, communication, professional development, and advocacy for adult education and literacy practitioners to advance quality services for all adult learners.”  COABE provides excellent resources throughout the year. 

ProLiteracy is the national service organization for adult literacy educators.

The Regional Adult Education Network provides trainings for tutors, group instructors, test administrators, and other providers of adult literacy services.

The Cult of Pedagogy has great information for both group instructors and individual tutors.