Tutor NameCarole Ju
Tutor EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
Tutor Information Update
  • No
Student's NameMary Shohmelian
Student Information Update
  • No
Date this report is made04/04/2022
Reporting for this MonthMarch
Reporting for this Year2022
Tutor preparation time (hours)4.5
Total Time with Student (hours)9
Tutor travel time (hours).75
What reading materials are being used?Library book on Hudson River, paragraphs to supplement book
What writings have been done?Sentences, short paragraphs
What LVORC activities has the student participated in?none
Additional comments or student accomplishments.


Are there any changes to the student’s employment status?
  • No
Are there any changes to the student’s learning goals, or life goals?
  • No