Tutor NamePatricia McKay
Tutor EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
Tutor Information Update
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Student's NameBetul Orscek
Student Information Update
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Date this report is made05/31/2022
Reporting for this MonthMay
Reporting for this Year2022
Tutor preparation time (hours)1 hour 20 minutes
Total Time with Student (hours)9 hours 25 minutes
Tutor travel time (hours)1 hour
What reading materials are being used?Transcripts from audio stories; lists of vocab and common phrases for classroom (her job as monitor)
What writings have been done?Using sentence scaffolds I provided, Betul wrote sentences about her Ramadan experience this year. She writes sentences during dictation exercises. She is practicing writing numbers while listening to sentences (or a phone message).
What LVORC activities has the student participated in?None this month.
Additional comments or student accomplishments.

Betul continues to work two days per week, Tuesday and Thursday, as a substitute classroom monitor. She is challenged by the fact that she is in a different classroom from day to day, so she doesn't develop a rapport with students. She has encountered situations when a child challenges her authority, and she attributes that to her inferior (her word) English language skills. She's very hard on herself.
We've met once weekly this month, (she had to cancel one time because her son was ill). However, we did meet once at the Guilderland Public Library study room, and then again, with a Turkish friend of hers and a friend of mine, for tea and conversation, at a tea shoppe in Guilderland. Betul has suggested that she would like to have sessions which involve an activity that uses real-life-situational English, such as a museum or a grocery store. We will incorporate those into our routine lessons as our schedules allow. It's a good idea!
Betul told me that she had a dinner with a group of five women friends, all Turkish. She observed everyone ordering and interacting with the wait staff, and realized that her English is the strongest of the group. This realization is a big step for her, to acknowledge her own progress.

Are there any changes to the student’s employment status?
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Are there any changes to the student’s learning goals, or life goals?
  • No