Tutor NamePatricia McKay
Tutor EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
Tutor Information Update
  • No
Student's NameBetul Orscek
Student Information Update
  • No
Date this report is made07/28/2022
Reporting for this MonthJuly
Reporting for this Year2022
Tutor preparation time (hours).75 hour
Total Time with Student (hours)4 hours, 3 minutes
Tutor travel time (hours).50 hour
What reading materials are being used?Transcripts from audio stories
What writings have been done?Betul is keeping a journal although I have not seen any entries.
What LVORC activities has the student participated in?None
Additional comments or student accomplishments.

We have met both in person and on Zoom this month. We only met twice because of her son being at home over the summer, my own illness, and Betul's trip to visit her family in Turkey. She is there as I write this report on 7/28/22.
Betul and I spent one of our sessions visiting The India Market, a large import store that she had told me about last month. She toured me through the store, finding her favorite items, describing how she might use various ingredients, and locating the Turkish brands of products she purchases.
In general, we focus most on developing her practice of thinking in English. I try to "catch her at it" and then verify with her-"were you translating in your head?" It's fun when she says "no, I was not thinking in Turkish." I"m sure when she gets back from her homeland, we'll have to redouble our efforts.

Are there any changes to the student’s employment status?
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Are there any changes to the student’s learning goals, or life goals?
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