EVERYBODY WINS! (EW) That is the perfect name for our newest program! Volunteers from local businesses are matched with children at a close-by school. They read to their buddy once a week during the child’s lunch period. The business makes a donation to help support the program. A school coordinator notifies the volunteers if a child is absent, helps select appropriate books and makes sure everything runs smoothly. The business wins by helping the community and by showing their employees they care. The volunteers win as they feel satisfaction as their students learn and develop a love for books and reading. The school wins because the children become excited about learning. The children win— a caring adults shows them they are special by reading to them each week.

Currently, EW takes place at School 14 and Sacred Heart—with Carroll Hill to start in September—all in Troy. Volunteers from Pitney Bowes, the Lacrosse team at RPI and many community members are helping EVERYBODY WIN!