A Valentine’s Day note from Executive Director, Barbara Wyman:

Love is in the air.  So far I received 2 hugs from our students and 1 from a tutor and 1 from a co-worker.  I stopped at Capital Communications Federal Credit Union, North Greenbush Branch on my way to work this morning.  One of their tellers had just completed the rounds of hugging every other employee.  What a great place to work!  What a great place to bank—enjoyed the delicious hot chocolate while I was there and the friendly conversation.

 I’ve always thought that meeting Laura Ingalls Wilder would be such a treat.  Her books chronicling her life’s many moves by covered wagon across the prairie were a favorite of mine as a child.  How did she ever write them all long-hand?  No copying and pasting for her.  At our Famous Ladies Tea on Sunday, March 10, 1:30 -4:00 PM at Kellas Hall, Emma Willard School in Troy you can meet Laura -well, it really Tish Kelly, but she is excellent at impersonating Laura!  Meet nine other fascinating women including Caresse Crosby (thank you Caresse for inventing the first modern brassiere), Emma Willard, Eleanor Roosevelt and others—as you enjoy a delicious high tea provided by Emma Willard School!  Tickets, $35, can be purchased by using the link on the website (to the right) or by calling (518) 274-8526..