East Greenbush Community Library, 10 Community Way, East Greenbush

 12:00 noon – 1:30 p.m.

 Bring a lunch.  Beverages will be provided. To register, call 274-8516.

The Culture of Poverty with Debra Fagans, Wednesday, May 8th

Are you struggling to understand the way your student makes decisions, organizes time, and prioritizes choices in life? Former Program Coordinator and longtime volunteer tutor trainer, Debra Fagans will present a workshop on The Culture of Poverty. Drawing from the research of Ruby K. Payne, Debbie will provide valuable insights into the lives of many of the learners we serve.

Pronunciation with Marcia Schultz, Tuesday, May 14th

Does your English Language Learner need help with pronunciation? One of our longest-serving tutor trainers and ELL tutors, Marcia Schultz brings helpful hints and insights from many years of professional and volunteer experience to her workshop on pronunciation. Tutors who are working with English Language Learners at all levels are welcome to learn from a master.

Learning Styles and Disabilities with Donna Gibson, Thursday, May 23rd

As adults, we know we have a favorite way to learn. Adults with disabilities can make educational gains when their learning styles are taken into consideration. Former Executive Director and longtime volunteer tutor trainer, Donna Gibson shares her considerable depth of knowledge on the topic of learning styles and disabilities.