After 30 years at Literacy Volunteers, Marie Heller is retiring from her long time position of Student & Volunteer Coordinator. Over the years, Marie has created special bonds between the tutors, students, and herself.

When asked about the changes she has seen occur at LVORC over three decades, Marie said, “I saw vast changes as we moved from everything on paper to computers and technology, and we expanded our programs to include financial and health literacy. Back in the day we served our learners one to one, but with a steady growth of people needing help to learn English, we began providing small instructional groups as well. The things that haven’t changed are the dedication and perseverance of tutors and needs of the students.”

Marie’s commitment to working with both tutors and students has helped to increase literacy in the community. She played an important role in shaping the lives of countless individuals through the gift of literacy.

We wish Marie all the best in her retirement!