Literacy Volunteers of Rensselaer County has been awarded $15,000 by the Troy Savings Bank Foundation for website redesign. The funds will be used to create an attractive, user-friendly, resource-intensive website to help potential and current volunteers and students access information about LVORC’s programs and services, educational resources, links to social services, and employment resources such as Job Zone and Indeed. Input from tutors, students, staff and other stakeholders will be welcomed as the site is re-designed.

An overlay of Google Translate will enable adult English language learners and prospective volunteers to use the site in their native language. LVORC’s free services are critical at this time as new immigrants and refugees are arriving in the Capital District. Adult basic literacy learners – English-speaking individuals at a low reading level – will be able to access age-appropriate reading and math resources, and those at a higher level can find resources to help them pass the GED.

Nancy Benz, Executive Director, has had over 20 years of experience with fundraising and communications and has worked with web designers in the past. According to Nancy, “Our goal is to build community engagement through the LVORC website. Tutors will have resources at their fingertips, links to professional development trainings, and curricula for teaching all kinds of learners. Immigrants and refugees will turn to us as a source for learning, finding social services, and gaining literacy support. An increase in tutors will help us serve more people in our community. We’re excited by the possibilities!”

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