A big thank you is extended to The McCarthy Charities, Inc., a local family foundation, for their recent grant award of $15,000 to help LVORC with operating expenses. We are extremely grateful for their generosity!

This funding will enable LVORC’s Troy staff to provide English and Math literacy tutoring to an increased number of adults in Rensselaer County. Students are Basic Literacy (BL) Learners who were born in the US but have low or limited literacy skills, and/or may be lacking their HSE diploma, or are English Language Learners (ELL) who are not native to the United States and are seeking to learn English as a new language.

Currently, we provide Rensselaer County with services through individual and group tutoring to upwards of 72 adult students each year. Instruction takes place both online and in person for approximately 2 hours each week per student. “Funding assists in our efforts to recruit, train and provide resources to tutors. It also enables staff to provide in-take, testing, and case management to help students meet their personal goals such as finding a job, studying for citizenship, and becoming active participants in their communities,” said Nancy Benz, Executive Director. “Again, much appreciation to the McCarthy Charities for their support!”